In the vibrant "Années Folles", a Slavic family embarked on a new adventure in Paris, bringing their unique cultural heritage and know-how to the City of Light. They fell under the spell of a house near Place Victor Hugo in the seiZth arrondissement, a warm and elegant place with an Art Nouveau façade.

"On my floors, in my lounges, in the thrill of my decor, I am known as a table, a bar, a delicatessen, and more... I prefer to call myself a House with the capital letter that is necessary when one does not spare the beautiful desire to receive. I am Maison Revka. A new Parisian passion."

Coulibiac of Salmon at Maison Revka

The Kitchen

The menu and the cuisine of Slavic origin find the comforts and comforts of its classics - caviars, boiled egg, back of cod, heart of salmon, pavlovas... - but by reviving Paris, fashionable city, it also turns to the time, well in its head, well in its time - POMME DE TERRE CAVIAR, salmon eggs, lemon cream, omelette king crab, Breton blue lobster...

Noble products and shared cuisine are given pride of place and the menu is both gourmet and refined.

The Garden

Sheltered from view in a green patio of 1000 m2, Maison Revka surprises once again and transforms itself into a spectacular summer garden.
This summer version adorned with flowers, fabrics and lanterns promises enchanted lunches and dinners. Dressed in ivory wood trellises, adorned with roses and jasmine and antique mirrors, the Garden of Maison Revka is without a doubt the most beautiful terrace in western Paris.

On the plate, we (re)discover the must-haves and signature dishes of the summer - Back of cod with green asparagus, Chicken Chachlyk with grilled vegetables and crispy rice - as well as an array of gourmet desserts. 

Le Jardin Maison Revka: THE confidential spot to enjoy the summer sun in Paris.

The terrace of Maison Revka
Bar Les Poupées Russes of Maison Revka

The Bar

at the bar of Maison Revka, the hours pass by like they never count. Morning, evening. Night, day.

Swinging between the open sky of the terrace and the hushed atmosphere of the antechamber, the glasses are stylishly designed to save you time by pretending to lose time.

Here too we find some classic Slavic gastronomy, caviar, smoked salmon and a selection of dishes to share (taramas, pizzetta caviar ...), but above all a menu of surprising cocktails made by talented mixologists. From the great classics revisited to the signature cocktails and the menu of exceptional vodkas, there is something for everyone!

The bar is open 7 days a week from 5pm to 2am

The shop

A veritable jewel box, the boutique opens up to the pleasures and contains all the opulence and refinement of Slavic gastronomy and know-how.
Designed as a unique experience, it features exceptional products and celebrates the Franco-Slavic art of living around more than 100 references combining delicatessen and art of the table - caviar, salmon, coulibiac, tea, vodka, the suite, the rest and beyond, silk pyjamas, slippers, dishes, linens, and household objects.

The store is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm

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